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Research your family history.

This is just a start to my family research.  Please come back and visit often.  I will be adding more information as my research continues and new facts come to light.
Most of the facts back four generations have been supported by obtaining copies of the certificates through the local Family History Research Centre at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or passed down from my relatives.  For generations further back, the research was done by a cousin and I have yet to verify the validity of these facts, although I do hope to relatively soon.

I have included links to interesting genealogy web sites I came across in the course of doing my research, such as:

Research Tips

Be sure to evaluate the source of your information. Remember, you can't believe everything you read!

Remember, most everyone has two family names: your father's, but also your mother's. Don't feel you must restrict your research to just your paternal family tree.

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