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I recently 'retired' from the corporate world and opened a weight loss clinic...

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After spending the last 10 years in the corporate world, I recently retired at age 60.  I guess I was just tired of doing work for other people!
I had been an entrepreneur for 10 years between 1984 and 1994 when I owned my own accounting practice, but totting up numbers now held no appeal for me - I'd done it so long!
When I visited my family out in BC for Easter of 2007, my sister, Pat, had lost about 40 lbs and I asked her what program she was following to achieve such fantastic results!  She told me about the SureSlim Wellness Clinic in Langley that she had been going to and with the help of Linda and Andrea there had managed to easily shed the weight. 
At home, I looked for the closest clinic to me and it was over an hour's drive away.  I joined as a long distance client anyway and in short order had lost 20 pounds!  I was so happy that I started to look at the possibility of opening a franchised clinic in my home town. 
The result is that I now own and operate SureSlim Wellness Clinic - Newmarket / Aurora!  My daughter-in-law, Monica, works with me in the clinic along with another lady, Debby.  We can be reached at (905) 895-SLIM (7546) for further information on our unique weight loss programs or see my site at www.hauley.com/sureslim-newmarket.

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SureSlim - Newmarket

Pat (my sister) modelling for one of my ads used in a local newspaper.

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