Baltic Cruise - June 2007


Departure Dover
Norwegian Dream
Day 2 - Kiel Canal
Day 3 - Berlin
Day 4 - Baltic Sea
Day 5 - Tallinn, Estonia
Day 6 - St. Petersburg
Day 7 - St. Petersburg
Day 8 - Helsinki & Porvoo
Day 9 - Stockholm
Day 10 - Copenhagen
Day 11 - Copenhagen
Day 12 - North Sea
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If it's Tuesday, this must be Germany...

June 9 - Flight from Toronto to London
June 10 - Embark Norwegian Dream at Dover
June 11 - Traversed the Kiel Canal
June 12 - Berlin, Germany - Cultural Treasures Tour
June 13 - Baltic Sea
June 14 - Tallinn, Estonia - Historic Walking Tour
June 15 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Catherine's Palace
June 16 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Imperial Palace Tour
June 17 - Porvoo & Helsinki, Finland
June 18 - Stockholm, Sweden - City Hall, Royal Palace & Old Town
June 19 - Copenhagen - Arrived late afternoon
June 20 - Took the Royal Copenhagen Tour
June 21 - Summer Solstice - Cruise the North Sea
June 22 - Disembark at Dover & fly home.

This was a wonderful 12 day Cruise of the Baltic Capital Cities.


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Places We Went

Brandenburg Gate
Berlin Wall
Checkpoint Charlie
Museum Island
Babylonian Temple
Ishtar Gate
Tallinn Old Walled Town
Medieval Monastery
Catherine's Palace
Peter the Great's Tomb
Nobel Prize Dinner location
Bloody Square
Swedish Royal Palace
Changing of Swedish Guard
Porvoo Chocolate Factory
Hans Christian Anderson
Danish Royal Palace

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