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Sedona is a beautiful town at the junction of 179 and 89A in the north central part of the state of Arizona.  You get there by driving north on Interstate #17 which goes on to Flagstaff.  After going over three mountain ranges and up about 3,000 feet in elevation, we saw the sign for Sedona. 
Taking highway 179 to the west you still continue to see grey-white rocks with sagebrush, small junipers and pines over the landscape.  An occasional sighting of a long-eared hare, a couple of beef cattle and a number of ravens seems to be all the wildlife the land has to offer. Then you turn a corner and see that some of the rock has miraculously turned from white to red!  And then you are suddenly surrounded by the red rock in all its glory!!!  What awesome beauty!!! 
The town of Oak Creek sits just below three of the more famous rock structures:  Castle Rock, Bell Rock and Court House Butte.  Once you drive past Bell Rock, a little farther on you see the sign for Sedona and as you navigate the twists and turns and traffic circles in the road, more and more of the beauty of Sedona's red rocks come into view, until at one turn you can see part of the town spread out beneath these towering rocks some still with the whiter limestone on top (Wilson's Mountain).   Like I said - Absolutely beautiful!!!

This vacation, we had the (thumb nose!) Presidential Celebrity House as our destination.  In the picture at the right it is through the gate from the farmers' market and up the stairs.  The fountain shown here is in the farmers' market just outside the gate.  See the Celebrity House page for more impressive photos!


What We See Coming into Sedona - Wilson's Mountain straight ahead and the Airport Mesa on the left.


Here's a map of the "Y" and the location of Los Abrigados Resort & Spa.


Where We Stayed

Los Abrigados Resort & Spa's Celebrity House