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Having Fun

We went on a trail ride through the Coconino Forest.  Here's Jeff on Little John and Linda on Traveller.  Kevin, one of the owners of the M Diamond Ranch is holding the reins of the two horses.  One of the cowboys riding along with us had to kill a rattle snake.  We heard the rattle!!  I'm glad my horse didn't spook at the noise.  But they were all very gentle animals - a joy to ride!


 Birthday Dinner


My Birthday Dinner

We had dinner on our last evening at the Yavapai Restaurant at the Enchantment Resort in Boynton Canyon.  Our table was outside where we watched the sunset patterns on the rocks and the full moon come over the ridge right in front of us.  A very romantic setting!!

Oak Creek Serenity


One can have as much excitement or else a complete feeling of serenity in this wonderful place.



There are many tours that you can select.  Our consierge, Heidimarie, at Los Abrigados helped us plan our week, got us reservations at some wonderful restaurants and, in all, made some great suggestions.