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Ah-h-h-h! Arizona...  It's no wonder we love to come here...

Sunday:  We got up early and took our limo to the airport to catch our non-stop flight to Phoenix.  After a smooth flight our rental Cadillac was ready in the 100 degree heat of midday.  Sedona is about one hour and 20 minutes north of Phoenix and at an increase in elevation to 4,500 ft above sea level.  We arrived at our destination, Los Abrigados Resort and Spa mid afternoon (there's a three hour time difference since Arizona does not go on daylight savings time) and settled into our home for the week, The Celebrity House.

Monday: 8:00 am Landmark Ballroom Welcome Party
                1:00 pm Vortex Experience Lecture by Pete Sanders
                7:30 pm Starlight Sedona - Astromony Experience
Tuesday:  10:30 am Arizona Helicopters - Sedona Deluxe
                  Dinner at Troia's
Wednesday:  Out of Africa
Thursday:  Monument Valley, Lake Powell experience
                9:30 am Flight from Sedona to Monument Valley
                2 1/2 hour Jeep tour with box lunch provided
                Flight from Monument Valley to Paige over Lake Powell
                Flight from Paige to Sedona
                Dinner at Oak Creek Brewery
Friday:  8:00 am Trail Ride at M Diamond Ranch
               2 hour horse ride through Coconino Forest
               6:00 pm Native Talk by Mario Henry Blackwood
               Dinner at Cucina Rustica
Saturday:  My Birthday
               Did some shopping, went to the airport for the Air & Car Show, visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross (prayed for Marion Stoffelsen who died yesterday - September 16, 2005).
               Yavapai Restaurant at Enchantment - Boynton Canyon - Birthday Dinner
Sunday:  9:30 Checkout, drive to Phoenix, fly to Toronto, limo home.

Today's weather:

Fountain at Los Abrigados Resort and Spa

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